Off Montevideo & Punta del Este

Specifications & Terminal restrictions :

Off Montevideo roads includes several anchorage areas: Service Zone, Alpha Zone, Delta Zone, that are usually used as waiting areas for vessels that have to wait their turnaround prior proceeding to Upriver Ports (Nueva Palmira, Campana, Zarate, San Nicolas, Rosario, San Lorenzo…etc).

Advantages :

No pilot is required, neither anchorage fee nor Authorities clearance requested unless if some commercial activity is involved (any delivery).
Above anchorages areas are really attractive places where vessels having long line up ahead may carry out following Husbandry matters at really convenient and competitive costs:

  • Bunkers and Fresh Water delivery
  • Provisions and stores delivery
  • Crew changes
  • Spares forwarding, clearance and delivery on board
  • Workshop, P&I, Class surveyor or technicians attendance
  • Under Water inspections, spot cleanings and repairs
  • Holds/Tanks inspection and cleaning

Ship-to-Ship (STS) lighterage operations :

Offshore Montevideo STS lighterage operations (for both dry & liquid bulk) were introduced on the Uruguayan coast and developed in order to maximize utilization of large vessels which could not enter the port at their fully laden draft.